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Cowley Dental Care uses modern technology and materials to provide exceptional family dentistry in Metairie, Louisiana. We believe that modern dentistry allows us to deliver comprehensive dental care with comfort and precision. Our entire team is proud to offer such technologies and materials to our patients so they can enjoy effective and efficient dental treatments. To learn more about the technology we use in our dental office, please read below, or contact us with any questions you may have. 

Intraoral Scanner/Digital Impressions

Tired of gooey dental impressions in your mouth? Our Metairie, Louisiana dental office can help with that.  Using an intraoral scanner we can take digital impressions of your teeth making certain procedures such as crowns, bridges and implant crowns much easier for patients.

Silver Diamine Fluoride

Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is a non-invasive treatment for tooth decay. With SDF, there's no need for drills or needles; we simply paint the SDF on the decayed section of the tooth. It’s applied with a small brush and can be used as a varnish to slow down, stop, and prevent cavities. 

SDF is beneficial for children because it:

  • Stops caries lesions and white mottling on teeth
  • Inhibits bacterial growth in the mouth
  • Supports remineralization of the teeth

SDF is an easy and effective treatment used to fight cavities and harmful bacteria in the mouth, between teeth, and in the deep pits of back teeth. It’s also safe for patients of all ages, including children. 

Digital X-Rays

Cowley Dental Care uses digital dental x-rays to identify underlying health concerns. Our digital x-rays are safe and effective, providing us with a more detailed image of each patient's oral cavity. We are also able to view teeth yet to emerge, such as wisdom teeth, and can provide a more accurate and personalized treatment plan based on the x-ray results. Unlike traditional film x-rays, digital dental x-rays are fast, produce less radiation, and can be stored electronically. 

Panoramic X-Rays

We use panoramic x-rays to take two-dimensional pictures of the entire mouth through a single image. This includes the teeth, upper and lower jaws, and surrounding tissues and structures. The jaw is curved, similar to the shape of a horseshoe, and a panoramic x-ray flattens the image and provides details of the teeth and oral bones. Panoramic x-rays are used to monitor and identify any changes in a patient’s oral health, as well as diagnose and treat dental conditions, such as gum disease and impacted wisdom teeth. 

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is used to ease patients' dental anxiety and discomfort. It's safe for patients of all ages, and it's inhaled through a mask. Nitrous oxide is a colorless, odorless gas that causes feelings of lightness and induces a dream-like state for the patient. When using nitrous oxide, the patient remains conscious and can still respond to basic commands or questions asked by the dentist. The effects of nitrous oxide only last until the patient stops inhaling it. Patients typically feel back to their normal state of awareness within a few minutes. Those who use nitrous oxide are safe to drive home after their appointment. 

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