Emergency Services

Dental emergencies sometimes occur when least expected. Perhaps You’re eating something and suddenly your tooth cracks, or you wake up with searing tooth pain or swelling. Many people go straight to the emergency room in circumstances such as this; but visiting your emergency dentist may be more beneficial and effective for urgent dental care. If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, however, please seek treatment at an emergency room for the appropriate medical care. 

Our team at Cowley Dental Care is experienced with handling dental emergencies, and we strive to help our patients receive the prompt and gentle treatment they need. Whether you have a broken crown or are suffering from severe toothache, Drs. Cowley and Dr. Roth can help relieve your pain and restore your smile. Our staff will get you in the dental chair quickly, relieve your pain, and develop a treatment plan that resolves your problem instantly. 

Common Dental Emergencies 

Many patients come to our dental office for the following dental emergencies:

Sudden Tooth Pain

A sudden toothache should never be ignored as it can be caused by a deep cavity, an abscessed or impacted tooth, or other serious dental issues. If you have sudden and unrelenting tooth pain, we can promptly treat the condition, prevent further damage from occurring, and alleviate any potential infection. 

Chipped or Fractured Tooth 

Biting a hard object or sudden trauma to the mouth can chip or break a tooth. A broken tooth can cause tremendous pain and lead to other issues if not treated quickly. This can also happen if you have a cavity you were unaware of and the tooth’s internal structure is weak. 

Lost Tooth

Sometimes a patient can lose a tooth due to trauma. When a tooth is knocked out due to trauma, it is critical dental emergency. If we act fast, we can sometimes replace the tooth to its socket. Other times, we may need to replace the tooth with a bridge or dental implant and crown. 

To save a lost or knocked-out tooth, quickly rinse it with lukewarm water and avoid touching the root. You may try to place it back in the socket, but if you cannot, keep it in a container of milk so it remains moist. Most importantly, contact our dental office immediately. 

Abscessed Tooth 

An abscessed tooth can be painful and dangerous as it can lead to a serious oral infection. A dental abscess is a pocket of pus in the tooth caused by an infection from an untreated cavity, injury, or previous dental restoration. 

Symptoms often include swelling, pain, fever, and bad breath. Your emergency dentist can relieve your pain and treat the tooth quickly and effectively. Sometimes, the abscess can simply. Other times, however, a root canal or extraction may be necessary to protect oral health. 

Emergency Dental Care Near Me 

If you have ever wondered, “Is there an emergency dentist near me,” then look no further than Drs. Cowley and Dr. Roth at Cowley Dental Care. 

Our team treats dental emergencies with the utmost compassion and speed so you can get back to enjoying your life with a pain-free and healthy smile. First and foremost, we will relieve your pain and make sure you are comfortable while we assess the situation and treat your dental issue. Our dental practice is open five days a week, and we make room in our schedule for urgent dental care.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please contact our office now.